Looking to invest in hotel rooms? A few things to consider

It sounds like a great deal—rather than buying a whole property or forming a JV to own a hotel outright, potential investors can buy a room in an upcoming development and collect a percentage of the income generated by that room’s rentals. And that’s it. If everything goes right, it’s a win-win proposition: The project is funded by numerous individual investors and those investors make a tidy income without the mess of partnerships or management responsibilities. The hotel management company handles the daily operations of the property, The initial expense can be much lower than buying a full hotel, but the rewards—over the long-term—can be very positive.

Of course, things can go wrong. The investor’s profits depend on the hotel’s RevPAR, and if that drops, so does the return on the investment. And any number of factors can affect RevPAR: Sporting events, economic downturns, terrorism fears and natural disasters can all affect profitability—sometimes positively, and sometimes less-so.

Real estate and investment taxation options vary greatly. Be sure you know what you’ll have to pay back. Tax efficiency is a major benefit when it comes to investing in hotels. Since hotels are ranked in the same category as commercial properties, there are many tax-efficient opportunities available which means additional returns on your investment.

You can opt for a buy-back that is usually guaranteed, as long as your investment is over a certain period of time. With this arrangement, you will sell the property at a profit, on top of the returns you will have made during the entire period.

Still interested? Contact us today, we have some exciting developments in the pipeline starting from £65,000.00 with ROI of 7% assured for two years with a 105% buyback option after the initial term.